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Focusing on economic education through speaker events, workshops, and national competion





Throughout the year, we bring in industry professionals to speak to our members and share their advice and experiences. These professionals have ranged from private bankers to professors to Federal Reserve bank presidents.



Members have the opportunity to participate, as undergraduates, in research projects through various centers located in Madison.



We provide training workshops in technologies that are useful in economic research and careers such as Stata, Excel, Powerpoint, and Python.


More senior members mentor younger members in areas of interest based on their previous experiences. 



We form a team that competes in the College Fed Challenge, where our team creates and presents a monetary policy recommendation at the Chicago Federal Reserve.



Through a combination of the aforementioned training and networking, we provide members with a place where they can train for and pursue future careers.



As an organization, our goal is to be able to supplement the economic education that our members receive at the University and to be able to provide opportunities for our members to explore potential career paths that interest them, whether that be in the corporate/academic world or elsewhere. To advance this goal, we provide software training, research opportunities, mentoring, professional networking, general economic education, speaker events, and more.

We are constantly striving to improve our organization and expand our professional and alumni networks so as to be able to best serve the interests of our members. If you happen to be interested in joining our network, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! Our contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.


Executive Team

Weesam Chehab
Gonzalez, Joshua_Headshot.jpg
Josh Gonzalez
Vice President

Tel: 815-593-2902

Logan Schoen is a junior majoring in Finance and Economics with a certificate in Environmental Studies. Logan has spent three semesters with the organization and previously was the Federal Reserve Challenge's treasurer. Logan currently works as an Investment intern with the State of Wisconsin Investment Board. This next summer, Logan will be working as a Fixed Income Sales & Trading intern with TD Securities in New York City.

Tel: 608-438-6439

Max Raisleger is a Junior from the Madison area studying finance and economics. He will be interning in the Investment Banking field this summer with Lazard this summer.

Tel: 847-946-7546

Alex Orlov is a junior majoring in Economics and Mathematics and was a member of the 2017 and 2018 College Federal Reserve Challenge teams. He served as the Federal Reserve Challenge treasurer in 2018 and is currently the head of research for this organization, where he manages research projects and academic development of members. After graduation, he plans on pursuing graduate school in law or economics.

Shruthi Srinivasan
Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Tel: 971-269-5472

Weesam Chehab is a Senior majoring in Finance and Economics with Mathematical Emphasis. He has spent 2 years with the organization. He is currently working as a research assistant for the Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy.

Tel: 551-427-3894

Josh is a junior studying Economics with a Math Emphasis. Originally from New Jersey, he was involved in the high school level Fed Challenge and has been involved at UW since his first semester. Passionate about economics, especially monetary policy and macroeconomics, he is excited to keep serving the club as Head of Research and team leader for the Federal Reserve Challenge competition in the fall and Fiscal Challenge in the Spring.

Tel: 763-276-3249

Shruthi Srinivasan is a junior majoring in Data Science and Economics with a Mathematical Emphasis. She is currently working on economic development projects for local nonprofits in Madison & Minneapolis and plans on pursuing law school post-graduation. 

Sourish Kundu
Head of Training

Tel: 651-347-5342

Sourish Kundu is currently a junior at UW-Madison and is pursuing a double major in Economics and Computer Science. Sourish is involved with the Federal Reserve Challenge and is a staff writer for the Wisconsin International Review. 

Michael Tang

Tel: 262-757-1064

Michael Tang is a Senior majoring in Economics and Mathematics. He has been a member of the Federal Reserve Challenge for 3 semesters and is currently the Treasurer for this organization, where he manages club fund raising and resources. After graduation, he plans on pursuing graduate school in economics.

Anthony Genac
Head of Logistics

Tel: 262-989-2042

Anthony Genac is currently a sophomore at UW-Madison and is pursuing a double major in Economics and Personal Finance. Besides being the Head of Logistics for the Federal Reserve Challenge, he is also the Vice President of External Development for Wealth Management Group, and the Vice President of Professional Events for F.O.C.U.S.




1180 Observatory Dr., Madison, WI 53705​


Phone: (971) 269-5472


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